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Now available at Wouwse Plantage

The White Hot OG 2-Ball is described as a well-balanced putter with a single bent shaft, designed for strokes with minimal arc and face rotation. It features the legendary White Hot insert known for its iconic performance. The putter is available with a Stroke Lab shaft and equipped with a Stroke Lab Oversize grip.

The White Hot OG series is a revival of the classic White Hot putter, known for its iconic status, widespread use, and decorated history. The putter incorporates the original White Hot formulation, providing the same feel, sound, and performance. The two-piece urethane insert technology is combined with a silver PVD finish and fine milling on the surfaces for a premium look.

The putter is highlighted by its rich silver PVD finish, unique milling patterns, and is available with a premium steel shaft to assist in improving your stroke. The White Hot OG series is presented as a high-performance package, combining the renowned innovation of the White Hot putter with modern design elements. It also comes with a Stroke Lab shaft and Stroke Lab Oversize Grip for a classic appearance and feel.



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