GreenUp Tees | 53mm | 50 pcs


Now available at Wouwse Plantage

The Problem
Until now, we have been used to seeing broken golf tees made of wood and plastic that cover the golf courses around the world. But what happens to all the golf tees?

The wood and bamboo tee production result in unsustainable harvesting with long transportation from China across the world challenges the life of a sustainable future.

The Greenup Solution 
Greenup has developed a biodegradable golf tee made of biomaterial and upcycled coffee grounds. Thereby, we minimize waste and cut off wood and plastic from the production.

The coffee waste is collected after use and reused once again – now in golf. The biomaterial is made of calcium carbonate, sugar cane, vegetable oil, grain, and ester – all biodegradable and harmless for the nature.

The Greenup golf tees breaks down and return to nature, leaving nothing behind to harm the nature.

Our Greenup golf tees comes in a biodegradable bag which decomposes in nature too. Moreover, the Greenup golf tees smells like your morning coffee. That’s delicious.

It is simple, easy to understand, no compromise and it's a greener solution. It won't change your game, but it will give any golf player or golf club the opportunity of changing the future to a better and greener tomorrow.

A truck load of golf tees from China to Copenhagen, Denmark results in 1318 kg CO2 emitted in the process. This is equivalent to 3,312 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle worth of greenhouse gasses.

The coffee supply chain contributes about 1% of the global climate impact. Spent coffee grounds decomposed in landfills or burnt for energy generates greenhouse gasses if not utilized.

347 m3 methane gas is averted for every 1 million ton of coffee upcycled – that's equivalent to 41,410 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle worth of greenhouse gasses.