Blue Tees Golf | Series 2 | White

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The Blue Tees S2 Pro Tour rangefinder gives you the confidence you need to play your game. It expertly dials in your distances and makes club selection easy. S2 Tour is the perfect combination of size, accuracy, and advanced technology. In addition, it is simple to use, water resistant and equipped with adjustable EZ Optic Focus. Additional features include pinpoint accuracy to measure targets up to 800 yards and Flag Lock/Pulse Vibration to confirm when the target is locked.


  • 800 YARD RANGE: Tour-level distance with pinpoint accuracy for an added edge to your game. Measure targets up to 800 yards away with an accuracy of +/- 1 yard
  • FLAG LOCK + PULSE VIBRATION: Emits short vibrating pulses to confirm the target is locked
  • WATER RESISTANT: Built to withstand rain and dew, so you can play in all weather conditions
  • HD DISPLAY: Feel the course in your hands, equipped with adjustable EZ Optic Focus for an immersive HD viewing experience
  • TOURNAMENT LEGAL (NON-SLOPE): No slope technology makes the Series 2 Tour a USGA conforming golf laser rangefinder for legal tournament play